20210520 RESIST Internal Meeting Minutes, 8:00-9:15 AM (Taiwan time)
Taiwan, Kuo-Fong Ma, Chung-Han Chan
Japan, Naoshi Hirata, Keiko Tamura, Masataka Gunshin, Takashi Furuya
US, Yousef Bozorgnia, Silvia Mazzoni, Katie Wooddell, Aidin Tamhidi
  1. A monthly meeting will be organized to give focus on particular subjects of common interests, and invite potential interested people, including the people not in the RESIST program. The date of monthly meeting would be discussed further through email.

  2. A white paper from RESIST program, mainly from US, Japan and Taiwan, on why the building array and data are essential to our community is an important task to make. (When and How this can be done need to be addressed later.)

  3. Carrying on monthly focus meetings on individual topic of RESIST partners, but invitation will be made to the guests, who have also the interest or/and experience on the focus topic. The proposed focus meetings could be classified as below,

a. Low-cost sensors, the performance of low-cost sensor of all kinds: quality of recording, data transmission, and friendly data management.  Suggest to have the first focus meeting on this topic. The presentation will be given by all the RESIST partners, who working on low-cost sensors. Invitation will be also made to the guests, who have also interest or experience on sensors, for building array in particular.

b. Simulation on highly dense ground motions from instrumental data to the area with not yet available data. The tools can be from Ground Motion Prediction Equation or 3D waveform simulations. Extrapolations from the region with data to where without data, and apply to the performance of buildings. The focus meeting will address on how to implement this task, and what technical approach could be made.  The invitation can be made to computational seismologiests, and structure engineers.

c. Social science aspect on how to communicate with people, and a potential approach of drafting white paper.

d. The mapping of exposure data from open data. The discussion on how to apply artificial intelligence to satellite images, google street map, etc.. for exposure inventory.