KIMBERLY CLARK 中壢廠區地震危害度分析​

Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment for the Zhongli Factory of the Kimberly-Clark Taiwan based on the evaluation by the Taiwan Earthquake Model

Funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, the Taiwan Earthquake Model (TEM, was established to assess the Taiwan seismic hazard by considering the social and economic impacts of various components from geology, seismology, and engineering. TEM has proposed probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) for Taiwan in 2015 (Wang et al., 2016). The assessment adopts the source parameters of thirty-eight active faults identified by TEM geologists. In addition to specific fault source-based categorization, seismic activities are categorized as shallow, subduction intraplate, and subduction interplate events. To evaluate the potential ground-shaking resulting from each seismic source, the corresponding ground-motion prediction equations for crustal and subduction earthquakes are adopted.

Kuo-Fong Ma

Director of E-DREaM , NCU


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