Bill Fry、Anna Kaiser, Seismologist of GNS Science New Zealand, SPEECH SERIES

2019/05/30   Science Building 1(College of Earth Science) S218, National Central University 

Bill Fry:” Science to society: a multiple-discipline story of improving societal resilience to great earthquakes and tsunami. “

2019/06/03  National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering

Bill Fry: ” Seismic attenuation, great earthquakes and tsunami — how are they related? “
Anna Kaiser:” New Zealand seismic site characterisation and case study of ground motions in the central Wellington basin. “

2019/06/11  Lecture Hall 2F , Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica

Bill Fry:” Variations of fault strength within the subduction system during the earthquake cycle. ”
Anna Kaiser:” An overview of seismology source to surface research at GNS Science and case study of Wellington ground motions. ”

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