Research Topics

Regional Seismogenic Characteristics and Seismic Source Simulation

The top leading seismologists and Engineers in E-DREaM will customize the multifaceted applications based on the earthquake diaster assessment for insurance and industies.

Disaster and Risk Assessment
and Management

•  High-resolution seismic hazard and
    risk assessment.(RESIST)
•  Construction of fragility curve by using
    damage data
•  Vulnerability assessment, exposure
    data compilation


Probability on Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA)

•   Active Fault/Seismogenic Structure
    Rupture Probability and Earthquake
    Scenario Analysis
•   Offshore wind power seismic safety


Environmentally Induced Earthquake and
Aftershocks Hazard Potential Analysis

•  Geothermal Energy Exploration
•  Carbon Capture and Storage,
   Carbon Sequestration
•  Big Data Mining for Earthquake Forecasting:
   Analysis using Epidemic-Type Aftershock
   Sequence (ETAS) Assessment

Near Surface Disaster
Potential Assessment

•  Liquefaction
•  Slopes Instability
•  Landslide
•  Mudslide

Study and Service Results

Meteorological and Marine
Meteorological Disaster

•  Storm Surge
•  Tsunami Inundation

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