Earthquake Disaster & Risk Evaluation and Management Center (E-DREaM) is established in 2018, funded by the Higher Education Sprout Project of the Ministry of Education.

This center gathered experts and scholars in the disaster chains, including the Department of Earth Sciences, the Institute of Applied Geology, the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, the Institute of Hydrology and Oceanography and the Department of Civil Engineering of the National Central University to integrate and  analyze the risk factors of earthquakes, tsunami, landslides, landslide dam, soil liquefaction and extreme weather systems, developing into a specialized agency linking academics with insurance, technology and engineering industries.

Based on the long-term earthquake research of NCU’s College of Earth Sciences, the Center applies a four-dimensional disaster potential and risk assessment for the disasters induced by earthquake and after earthquake, and develops disaster risk assessment and management strategies with the industry.

Through close links with the industry, this Center continue to interact with the disaster prevention industry to understand the needs of the industry and further improve the research and application of seismic science.

At present, there is a cooperation with the industry on earthquake hazard and risk assessment, and with the world’s first earthquake risk startup company Temblor, Inc. Cooperate to develop mobile phone application software with the characteristics of Taiwan’s local earthquake disaster chain, and gradually expand into the influence of the industry.


Kuo-Fong Ma


Department of Earth Sciences & Institute of Geophysics,
National Central University, Taiwan

Ph. D.
Division of Planetary and Geological Sciences,
California Institute of Technology, Caltech

TEL:03-4227151 #34760


Jia-Jyun Dong

Deputy Director

Graduate Institute of Applied Geology,
National Central University, Taiwan

Department of Civil Engineering,
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

TEL:03-4227151 #65855


Our creative team

  • Jia-Jyun Dong , Professor

    Geotechnical Engineering、
    Rock Mechanics、Engineering Geology、
    Landslide and Barrier Lake
    886-3-4227151 ext.65855;

  • Chien-Chih Chen , Professor

    Geoelectric Exploration、Nonlinear Physics、Electromagnetic Radiation Prospecting
    886-3-4227151 ext.65653;

  • Hao Kuo-Chen , Professor

    Seismology、Structural Seismology、Geodynamics
    886-3-4227151 ext.65602;

  • Ping-Yu Chang , Professor

    Geotechnology、GPR Method、Hydrogeology、
    Electromagnetic Geophysics Exploration
    886-3-4227151 ext.65623;

  • Tso-Ren Wu , Associate Professor

    Tsunami Science、Local Scour Simulation、
    Storm Surge Simulation、3D Numerical Modeling
    886-3-4227151 ext.65687;

  • Yen-Yu Lin , Assistant Professor

    Source Mechanics
    886-3-4227151 ext.65611;

  • Shao-Kai Wu

    External Procurement、MIS Engineer、General Affairs
    886-3-4227151 ext.34747;

  • Yu-Hua Liou

    General Affairs
    886-3-4227151 ext.34747;

  • Yu-Yen Hu

    General Affairs
    886-3-4227151 ext.65610;




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